Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hot Toys - Marvel vs DC

I've liked many of the Marvel films for almost a decade now; starting with Iron Man (2008). DC movies are more recent, but I've really got into those too.

It is interesting to compare Iron Man and Batman. In comic terms, Iron Man is a second stringer. Before The Ultimates in 2002 Iron Man was seriously uncool. By contrast, Batman became cool in 1986 with Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Batman is a big gun compared to Iron Man. One of the top 3 in the DC universe.

Neither Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne have superpowers. Stark uses high tech weaponry whilst Wayne combines insane athleticism, martial arts skill and technology.

The Hot Toys figures are funny. Both are 1/6 scale. I can't display Marvel alongside DC. Marvel just looks feeble e.g. Armoured Batman looks immense and hulking compared to Iron Man.